“At a time when petrol and diesel cars are blamed for pollution and poor air quality - Electrifi offers the combination of top speed and performance, combined with sustainability and luxury,”

- Electrifi CEO, Norman Crowley

Electrifi was founded by Cork-born serial entrepreneur Norman Crowley. The businessman, who grew up on a farm in Clonakilty in West Cork, says “cars must be in the air down there” as the area is also the ancestral home of Henry Ford. Ford’s car plant in Cork city was forced to close its doors in 1984.

Electrifi is developing a range of high-performance electric cars in Co Wicklow, becoming the first company to manufacture cars in Ireland of any scale in almost 40 years. The cars, known as hypercars, will be taken by Electrifi and will include some of the world’s most iconic classic car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. They will be rebuilt and optimised with the latest technology and powered by a Tesla engine.


US Electric Vehicle Sales 2013 - 2019


The cars will be manufactured between ECC’s new factory in Wales and the new Electrifi plant under construction in Crowley Carbon’s headquarters in Powerscourt Estate, Co. Wicklow. Electrifi fits very closely with Crowley Carbon’s energy efficiency business model, which focuses on optimising existing technology to work more efficiently for its clients.

Take a look at our sister company Electric Classic Cars for the conversion process:


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